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Atelier Jalaper Aston Martin DB5 Watch

For many, the thought of owning an Aston Martin DB5 is so far out of the realm of possibility, it's almost laughable to even think about. But, what if I were to tell you that you could own a piece of one for a fraction of the price? Would that be something you might be interested in? Of course it is!

This article is not a review, it's an introduction. Our friends at Atelier Jalaper Watches have painstakingly designed a watch derived from the iconic Aston Martin DB5. I want to introduce to you a watch that allows you to put a legend on your wrist. Limited to only 600 pieces, this watch's dial was stamped out from the hood of an Aston Martin DB5 and it's absolutely beautiful.

We all know it, we all love it. The DB5 model of the British make, of which only 1021 examples were produced from 1963 to 1965, was elevated to the rank of a legend, thanks in particular to James Bond in Goldfinger. Now, you can get a piece of this iconic car and wear it every day.

Atelier Jalaper Aston Martin DB5 Watch

First, a bit of their story. Frenchman Constantin Sohier was recruited by means of a competition held in several schools for industrial design. He ticked all the boxes for Atelier Jalaper: a love for watches and an extensive experience in the car industry, acquired through assignments for Land Rover, Jaguar, Renault and Volkswagen. His design seamlessly encapsulated Atelier Jalaper’s vision for the fusion of a legendary car and a timeless timepiece. The design cues like the typography as found on the dial and on the speedometer of an Aston Martin DB5 in combination with the guilloché at 6 and 12 o’clock, which is reminiscent of the DB5 grill, undeniably give reference to this legendary car. Authenticated by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust in North London, you can rest assured you are getting an authentic piece of this iconic vehicle.

Design wise, I love how the dial looks and feels like an Aston Martin. The subtle detailing of the minute markers looking like a vintage Aston speedometer is an excellent touch as well. When you put on a watch, it becomes a part of you and who you are. When you wear something as special and elegant as this one, it will get people talking.

Atelier Jalaper Aston Martin Watch

I'm not watch expert, but we can't talk watches without talking it's movement. Their flagship watch, the AJ001-S features an Automatic Miyota 821A movement, 21 jewels, 21600 Vibrations per hour with a Quick date setting and 42 hours power reserve​.

Personally, I absolutely love the idea and design of this watch. It's stunning to look at and is an automatic conversation starter anytime you wear it. I know as Bond fans we are all fans of Omega Watches, but not all of us love the price point of the watches we see on the wrist of 007. Coming in at around $1000usd these watches are well made, beautiful and priced more reasonable than other watches you may covet. The story behind this watch is fun and I know you'll have a little smile on your face every time you glance down at your wrist.

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