Frugal Alternative - Tetbury Boots (Skyfall)

James Bond Skyfall Turkey Scene

Skyfall is one of the most stylish Bond films of the Craig era. It introduced us to so many great looks from suited, to formal, to casual. No one will forget the opening scene of Bond chasing down the stolen hard drive in Turkey on top of the train before (SPOILER ALERT) is shot and *killed*.

Bond looks great wearing a Grey Tom Ford Suit with the famous Omega Planet Ocean 600m Watch and Crockett and Jones Tetbury Black Wax Calf Boots.

Today, we are going to explore a great frugal alternative to the boots that are less than half the price of the ones in the film. For that, we look at Beckett Simonon, a company I have lots of experience with over the years and can vouch for their quality. They sent me a pair of their Ellis Chukka Boots to review for this article and I'm going to share my honest thoughts with you on how you can achieve a similar look to 007 at a much lower price without sacrificing quality.

James Bond in Turkey during Skyfall

The Beckett Simonon Ellis Chukka Boots are not an exact copy as there are a few differentiating characteristics, but overall, you can get the same feel as Bond did while chasing Patrice through Turkey. I'll start with the differences. Firstly, the Ellis Chukka Boots aren't waxed, so they have a more traditional matte finish to them. They are a little more understated and don't stand out quite as much, which is a good thing when you're a secret agent. Next, is the the fact that the Beckett Simonon boots have 3 eyelets compared to 2 on the Crockett and Jones version. Personally, not a big deal to me at all, just something to be aware of. The height of the Crockett and Jones is a little taller but when you're wearing suit pants that will be covered up anyhow, so again not an issue if you're going for the Bond look. The biggest difference to me is the sole. The Beckett Simonon one is your traditional leather sole. The heel is rubber capped for traction, but compared to the full rubber sole on the Tetbury boots, you won't be getting much grip running after your enemies. If you're just going to the office or out for dinner, not a big deal. But be aware of this if you suddenly have to run for your train!

Beckett Simonon Ellis Chukka Boots

Now that we've explored the differences, what do I like about the Beckett Simonon Ellis Chukka Boots, frankly, a lot! For the price of $239 usd you get a great pair of boots that will last a long time. I have had multiple pairs of Beckett Simonon shoes and boots over the last few years and aside from normal wear and tear, they all still look and feel great. In this case, you get a boot that has a very similar shape and look to what we see in the film and at a glance would be tough to tell apart. Something that is critical when going for a frugal alternative. I mention the word frugal because they are half the price of the Crockett and Jones, but at the same time, you're not getting anything cheap here. The price to quality ratio at Beckett Simonon is the best out there that I have experienced. The Vachetta leather lining allows your feet to breathe, regulates temperature and absorbs moisture. Plus it’s super comfortable and has almost no break in period. Leather soles are elegant, reliable and can be easily replaced when the time comes. As I mentioned, the heels feature a full SBR rubber cap for added traction. Stitched soles are the mark of quality footwear. With the Blake method, a row of stitching attaches the upper, insole, midsole and outsole. This results in a sturdy yet extremely comfortable shoe, plus it’s easy to resole when the time comes.

Beckett Simonon Ellis Chukka Boots

When you buy something like this, you want it to last years and I think over the long run, you will get that with these boots. This Ellis Chuuka's are made from full-grain Italian cowhide leather. It's soft, durable, and like all high-quality leather, will develop a beautiful patina over time. They condition this leather with shea butter and carnauba wax for a deep color with a natural luster. Scuffs and marks from everyday use can be easily taken care of with leather conditioners and creams. These are high quality pieces that you will get a lot of use from, I know I've enjoyed my time in them thus far.

We all want to feel like Bond but don't always have the budget to get the exact thing he wore on screen. In this case, you're investing in a quality piece that will give you the 007 feeling in your own day to day life.

I have added in the opening scene from Skyfall below so you can see the originals in action and visualize yourself wearing the ones from Beckett Simonon for a fraction of the price. Happy shopping!

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