Is James Norton the next James Bond 007?

James Norton 007

Is James Norton the next 007?

Odds makers have increased his chances to 3/1 to become the new 007. Norton has recently had a massive bump in the ongoing Bond odds thanks to his appearance in Happy Valley. He recently had his odds slashed drastically to 3/1 from Ladbrokes. This incredible improvement pushes him well past the likes of Tom Hardy, Regé-Jean Page and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Norton is only being beaten in the odds by one actor at the moment: Henry Cavill.

Norton received much acclaim for his performance in Happy Valley across the show's 18 episodes including a Bafta nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Daniel Craig was 38 when he put on the tuxedo in Casino Royale so at 37, would Norton be too old to start his tenue as Bond given producers have hinted that they wish to go younger with the character.

Norton has previously spoken about the potential of playing Bond as a diabetic (a condition the actor has). He said: "I’m a type one diabetic. How cool would it be to have a diabetic Bond? It would be wonderful for all those diabetic kids out there to think even a type one diabetic could be Bond!"

James Bond is one of the most iconic movie franchises in history, and casting the right actor for the lead role is crucial for its continued success. After 20 years of experience as a film critic, I am convinced that James Norton would be an excellent choice for the role of Bond. Norton has the charm, sophistication, and acting range make him the perfect candidate to take on the mantle of 007.

First and foremost, Norton has the right look for Bond. Standing tall with chiseled features and a dark, brooding demeanor, he would bring a new level of sophistication to the role. He also has the rugged masculinity necessary for the action scenes that are a staple of the Bond franchise.

Norton's acting range is second to none, and his versatility would be invaluable in bringing the complex and layered character of Bond to life. From his experience in period dramas, such as "War and Peace" and "McMafia," to his performances in gritty crime dramas such as "Happy Valley" and "McMafia," Norton has shown that he can bring both elegance and intensity to his performances.

In addition to his versatility, Norton also brings a sense of authenticity to his performances. He has a talent for immersing himself in the character, making the audience believe in his performance. This would be invaluable in bringing Bond to life, as audiences would be able to see the different sides of the character, from his suave and debonair exterior to his inner turmoil and vulnerability.

Norton's relatively unknown status would also be an advantage for the Bond franchise, as it would bring a fresh perspective to the role. This would be a much-needed change for the franchise, which has struggled in recent years to keep up with the demands of audiences who are looking for something new and exciting. Norton's performances would undoubtedly captivate audiences and bring a new level of excitement to the franchise.

In conclusion, James Norton is a great choice for James Bond. With his charming demeanor, sophisticated presence, exceptional range, and fresh perspective, he would bring a new level of depth and nuance to the character, making Bond relevant and exciting for audiences in the 21st century. Don't miss the chance to see James Norton as James Bond. Keep an eye out for the next Bond film and be prepared to be blown away by his performance.

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