REVIEW: Royale Filmwear Quantum Harrington Jacket

James Bond style is one a lot of guys, myself included, want to try and emulate. The main problem a lot of the time why we don't is the cost. N. Peal, Tom Ford, Billy Reid etc can be out of the budget for a lot of us. Not only that, by the time a Bond film comes out, the stock is mostly gone or gets sold out so quickly by us 007 fans trying to re-create a look, it's almost impossible to get your hands on an original piece anyways. That is where Daniel Love from Royale Filmwear comes in. He makes great quality replica pieces from the modern Bond Films at prices you or I can afford. I have been a loyal customer for a few years now as I own a number of his items, including the Skyfall Peacoat and Quantum Cardigan, and can 100% vouch for the quality. This fall, he sent me the Quantum of Solace Harrington Jacket to review and today I'm going to share my thoughts.

When Quantum of Solace first came out, the only outfit I truly was enamored with was the Tom Ford Shawl Cardigan Bond was wearing when he goes to see Mathis in Italy. When Royale came out with the Talamone Shawl Cardigan, I knew I had to get it and I'm very glad I did. This fall however, I was in the market for a new jacket and saw that Royale had released their 8th version (they are always improving!) of the Quantum Harrington jacket and thought this would be a great piece to add to my wardrobe. I was right, it's the perfect fall jacket that can go with anything and pretty much anywhere. I can tell why it's so popular and has gone through so many different production runs - it's a great coat!

The Harrington Style is a classic as it gets and Bond has worn them as far back as Roger Moore in Octopussy. As you can see, it's perfect to take out with the dog as it's lightweight but still warm enough for colder temperatures. The colour is VERY close to what we see in the film...probably indistinguishable unless you had the original right up next to it. Daniel and his team at Royale did a custom dye to the fabric to give you as close to screen accurate as they could. They've also pitched the collar slightly forward to have it sit lower and nicely under your chin like it did with Bond (see photo above). The jacket definitely gives you that Bond feel when you are wearing it.

Quantum Harrington Jacket

My only gripe is that the zipper is a little sticky, but Daniel warned me about that and said it breaks in over time, which I am finding to be true.

In terms of sizing, I am 5'10", 175lbs and a size 40 chest and I got the size medium. Other than the arms being a touch too long, it's a perfect slim fit on me. I really like the length of the jacket and how it hugs my body without being too restrictive. You need to be able to move around freely if you're going to be out saving the I right?!

The jacket was a little stiff out of the packaging, but after a nice steam it was good to go. I've found myself wearing it all the time as we go out with the dog or run errands. I would really recommend this to anyone looking to add something to their wardrobe that is James Bond inspired yet can be worn everyday. The quality is first class and you'll feel like 007 every time you wear it...even if it's just to the grocery store!

I would also get on Royale's email list (sign up on his website) because they are constantly coming out with new items that you wont want to miss. I'm especially excited for the Solden Jacket that is coming soon.

Looking to buy? You can find the Royale Filmwear Jacket HERE.

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