REVIEW: Royale Filmwear Ocean Club Trousers

James Bond Ocean Club Trousers

Finding a great pair of linen pants for the summer can be tough. There is always that fine line between price and quality. Finding the razor's edge between them is a delicate balance. Our friends at Royale Filmwear have hit the nail on the head with their Ted Baker inspired Ocean Club Trousers. Now you can look just like James Bond walking through the Garden of the Ocean Club in Casino Royale. So, whether you're winning a db5 in a poker game, rolling around the floor of your villa seducing the baddies wife or chasing down a terrorist at Miami airport... these are the trousers you need for the task at hand. The photos below are direct comparisons to the original pants and the Royale Filmwear versions. Please refer to photo #1 for the correct colour representation. This is the most true to how they appear in person compared to the other comparison photos.

James Bond Ted Baker Ocean Club Trousers

Let me share with you the entire process of ordering to receiving the pants in the post. Firstly, communication with Daniel at Royale via email was quick and easy. He is always very fast to respond to questions or requests. We do have a 16 hour time difference, so you have to take that into consideration when speaking on this topic. Having said that, a day didn't go by between questions and answers. After we chatted back and forth a bit and decided on a Size 34 (will get back to that later) He then shipped out the pants a day later from Austrailia to me here in Toronto, Canada on July 6th. Now, when you're getting something sent from across the world, especially these days, you never know how long it's going to take...I was very pleasantly surprised when they arrived on my doorstep on July 15th. I have received MANY items from Royale Filmwear over the years and this is a slightly quicker shipping time than normal and I didn't have to pay any import duties either which is always nice.

Ted Baker James Bond Ocean Club Trousers

Upon arrival, the pants needed a good steam and a wash for sizing before taking to my local tailor for hemming. Royale has left the length on these long so you can adjust to your size making the sizing process much easier for everyone. We all like the break in our pants a little differently anyhow, so I liked that he did this. It adds an extra step and a little extra cost on the backend, but worth it for a pair of pants you'll have for a long time.

This is where I'll get into sizing before talking more about the quality/fit of the pants. Be very careful and use the sizing chart he has on the website. I normally wear a 32 or 34 inch waist and nearly ordered a 32. I ended up ordering a 34 thinking I could take them in if needed. Good thing I did get the larger size because the Size 34 I ordered is a little tight around the waist/thighs/butt. Yes, I have gained a little weight over the last year with lockdowns and quarantines but I haven't ever needed a waist larger than 34 before. I tried other pants of similar fit that I have at home and my 32's still fit well and the 34's have my waist hasn't gained much during the last year. When looking back at the sizing chart when the pants arrived, the '34' is the label size and not the actual waist size. So that is my mistake. They aren't uncomfortably tight, but at 5'10" - 185lbs and normally a 32/34 inch waist, they are about a half size too tight. So my recommendation would be order on the large size and have them taken in if they are too large. You are going to the tailor as it is for the length, you can get the waist done perfectly at the same time too. The rest of the fit is quite nice. Slim with a little taper at the bottom. For a little extra help on sizing, the model in the main photo at the top is 5'10" - 195lbs with a 35-36" Waist and is wearing a Size 36.

Ted Baker James Bond Ocean Club Trousers

Next, let's talk about quality. As you can see in the comparison photos, they are SPOT ON to the original Ted Baker pants that are impossible to get these days. Royale Filmwear had a pair of the original linen "Ted Baker-Larked Mink Trousers" from 2006 and have diligently replicated them. As mentioned, these were very hard to find back in 2006 and virtually impossible to find today. Royale can thank Blair Ballard at The Bond Vivant for helping them create the perfect replica by entrusting ROYALE Filmwear with the originals. It's not often that you get to find a pair of pants from 15 years ago to re-create so closely.

The pockets and all the other details have been re-created with impeccable precision. The fit is slim with a bit of a tapered leg. The quality of the 100% linen feels great to the touch and on the leg. I have been wearing mine during the cooler summer nights and they have been a perfect companion for walks along the waterfront or when going out for dinner. I haven't quite been able to drive an Aston Martin in them yet...but they've been great for me thus far. In a perfect world they'd be a fraction larger in the waist and in the thighs/butt area, but again, if I had gone with a size 36, those wouldn't have been concerns. They breath nicely during the hotter days but keep you warm when it starts to cool off in the evening.

James Bond Ted Baker Ocean Club Trousers

Like with all of the pieces from Royale Filmwear, the quality is top notch and the attention to all the details is what you want from something like this. I have half a dozen pieces from Royale and have nothing but great things to say about the quality. This is the only time the fit hasn’t been perfect for me. I’m hoping this review and sizing guidance will help you make the right choice when purchasing. As always, the feeling of putting on a piece that looks identical to what 007 wears in the film is always a fun experience. Even with something as simple as a pair of linen pants, knowing in your head and feeling like James Bond walking though the garden at the Ocean Club makes these special purchases worth while. I would absolutely recommend these pants for anyone looking to re-create a great look from arguably the best Bond Film of the Craig era. As Royale has mentioned on their website, this production run is quite limited, so be sure to grab a pair for your next poker game or romantic rendezvous.

You can shop these pants HERE.

 James Bond with Solange at the Ocean Club in Casino Royale