REVIEW: The London Sock Exchange | 007 Collection

It's not often one gets excited about socks...but today is that day! We received 3 pairs of the 007 Collection from The London Sock Exchange and wanted to share our thoughts on them.

We already know you love the details and design of these socks from the photos online. But how did they fit and feel? In a word: Incredible. They are very soft and well made. Probably the best feeling socks I have ever worn. I love the styling notes that come on each pair telling you what you should pair them with. With a fun sock like this, it can be a challenge figuring out what goes with it, so I'm really happy they help with that.

007 Socks

They weave the socks using 200 needles, the highest gauge used on socks. They hand­link the toe for a seamless finish to the bottom end of the sock for maximum comfort. They are snug enough to stay up on your leg, but not too snug where it feels like you're circulation is being cut off.

As for how people respond to them? In person I got many comments about how fun they were. Online, we got so many thumbs up and great replies to our stories when we posted about them. If you're a 007 fan you need to add these to your collection asap. Get these on your Christmas list early and I can bet Stanta will be putting a lot of these in stockings this year. If you can't wait until Dec 25th, get your order in online now and tell them Q Branch sent you!

10/10 recommend! Shop the socks through their website:

London Sock Exchange 007 Collection The Thunderball